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SPI is great relationships in action. Our mission is to support our community of Agents and their customers by making their work easy. We exist to seamlessly expedite our agents’ success.

SPI has built successful partnerships for over 40 years. These partnerships continue to fuel our growth.

If you are passionate and committed to maximizing the success of your transportation business by providing your clients with the best service possible, we can provide you with great commissions and first-class, personal support. At SPI, we understand that we are all stronger together.

Whether you’re seeking advanced operational support, better payment systems, enhanced access to credit, stronger dispatch and tracking tools, or the ability to seamlessly deliver across multiple modes, SPI is engineered to help you succeed.

SPI – daring to be great.

If you need to get your business somewhere better, we’ll help you get it there. To learn more, contact us or click Chat With Us on the bottom right corner of this page.

How We Deliver

  • "SPI is truly a first-class company – a leader in the freight industry. They take great pride in building strong relationships not only with their agents, but also with each transportation vendor. They have been a major asset in developing my business."

    John B.
    John B. – SPI Agent
  • "With the help and support of my incredible family and the SPI family, I am working from home, exceeding my goals, and making more money than ever before. I am truly happy and can't thank everyone enough who has helped me accomplish so much in such little time."

    Colette C .
    Colette C . – SPI Agent
  • "Good day Joe, I received a nice card today which I will be sure to enjoy with my wife on the weekend. I want to thank you for thinking of us and all the GREAT support we get from you and the team in BC. SPI is a first class operation, and I am extremely proud to be a part of this organization."

    Daniel P.
    Daniel P. – SPI Agent